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The Pamplona Hotel Association (hereinafter the Association) owner of this website has personal data files whose existence has been reported to the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data, having the required security measures.

Only personal data previously and voluntarily provided by the web users who contact the Association through the e-mail address shown on the web, is available and used for the sole purpose of attending to the request for information or services, and will not be stored, transferred or used for other uses or commercial purposes.

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The Association uses the most modern and secure technology available on the market, which encrypts personal and credit card data. The encryption method used is 'Secure Socket Layer' (SSL). Our SSL certificate has been issued by Comodo.

Cancellation or modification of Personal Data.
At any time you will have the possibility to review your stored personal data. You can request your personal data by sending an e-mail to Please write "cancellation or modification of personal data" as the subject of your e-mail.

c/ Pedro I, nº 1, 1º - 31007 (Pamplona)
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