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In Pamplona's hotels, not only do you sleep peacefully, but you can also taste the best Navarrese and international cuisine.

Many of our hotels have their own restaurants offering the most varied and rich gastronomy of the area, with the most innovative touches of nouvelle cuisine.

We show you a selection of our best restaurants, so that your romantic dinner, your lunch with friends or your event will go off without a hitch in Pamplona.

  • La Capilla Restaurant
    Hotel Pamplona Catedral ****

    A restaurant located in the heart of Pamplona. An old chapel remodeled and painted in white that offers traditional cuisine with avant-garde touches.
  • Europa Restaurant
    Hotel Europa

    Maintaining the culinary family tradition since 1977, the Idoate brothers are responsible for one of the most emblematic restaurants of our land, the Restaurant Europa, with Michelin Star.
  • Castillo de Gorraiz Restaurant
    Castillo de Gorraiz Hotel & Spa

    Its philosophy is one of respect for the products of our land, the Navarrese vegetable garden that offers us such tasty food every season. The Castillo de Gorraiz Restaurant is one of the quintessential examples of Navarrese gastronomy.
  • La Biblioteca Restaurant
    Hotel Alma Pamplona

    Like the Alma de toda cocina de raíces, Leandro Gil's gastronomy respects its origins in its recipes and its products. Nominated for chef revelation of the year (Madrid Fusion 2018), he reinterprets with elegance and respect the best vegetables from the Navarrese Ribera.
c/ Pedro I, nº 1, 1º - 31007 (Pamplona)
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