About the app

The Asociación de Hostelería de Navarra has created the HOSTELERIA NAVARRA app for smartphones (Android, Iphone and Blackberry), which provides complete up-to-date information on all the hotel and catering resources in Navarre (bars, restaurants, accommodation and culinary events). It can also be used to make direct restaurant bookings.



How to download the app

There are 2 options:

  • Access the store or market (your smartphone application for buying applications: Apple Store, Google Play [former Android Market] or Blackberry App World) and look for the HOSTELERIA NAVARRA app. Download it for FREE!!!

  • You can also download the app using the QR codes (a type of bar code) that you'll see on a number of websites, publications and establishments. To do so, your smartphone must have a QR code reader




Download, for example, the BIDI reader (free) from your smartphone app store.





Once you've downloaded the BIDI, the next step is to open it and scan this QR code:







This will automatically take you to the app download page. Then simply press the "INSTALL" button and you're ready to go!



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